I finally found Yoga for myself

I’ve always been interested in spiritual topics like the law of attraction.

The main thing I learned that it is essential to quite your mind to tap into the source of the universe. This is where the magic of endless peace and happiness happens.

For this I started to dive deeper into meditation and it didn’t take long to find my way to Yoga from there. Yoga is the perfect combination of using your physical body to get into the most quiet state of mind.

I started with the Yin Yoga Poses. This is the meditative style of yoga and I felt perfect right from the beginning. I loved that no long warmup is necessary!

Later I extended my horizon with the bikram yoga poses. They are a bit more challening than the Yin Yoga Poses but still doable for a Newbie.

I recommend Yoga to everyone who is looking for a combination of body activity and a calm state of mind.



Law of attraction – How it works

We found that there are two specific tools that help you tremendously in manifesting the life you want.

This is first a law of attraction planner.

It will make it much easier to focus on the law of attracion beside your all day life and things that distract you throughout your day.

The second is to meditate.

Especially the law of attraction sleep meditation is a powerful tool you should use. Meditation helps to quiet your mind from thoughts and it lets you find your focus for what you want.